Things to Do in Montreal

There are plenty of exciting events, landmarks, and things to do in Montreal, from sports, outdoor activities, workshops, and classes to festivals, concerts, and plenty more.

Museums and Landmarks

The city is the home to an impressive array of museums and landmarks such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal Science Centre, and Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. Found in the city’s historic district, the basilica houses many religious statues and wooden cravings and a sanctuary colored in gold, silver, purple, red, azure, and blue. The Montreal Science Centre features permanent and travelling exhibitions with a focus on science and technology, including Health from Head to Toe, Human, and Water in the Universe. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts also features collections and exhibitions as well as cultural activities, arts therapy, and more. The museum houses a number of collections such as the Encyclopedic Collection, International Contemporary Art, and Early to Modern International Art. The museum also features cultural activities such as guided tours, classes, and workshops, lectures, films, concerts, and family activities.

Parks and Outdoor Recreation

There are plenty of parks in and around Montreal such as the Montreal Botanical Garden, Space for Life Museum, Jarry Park, Montreal Insectarium, and Ecomuseum Zoo. The Montreal Botanical Garden features thematic gardens, including the First Nations, Japanese, and Chinese Gardens. The Ecomuseum Zoo is a good place for families with children and is the home to fish, birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians. Visitors have the chance to observe animals such as American marten, blue-spotted salamander, channel catfish, common garter snake, and many others. The zoo also offers summer and spring break camps. The Montreal Insectarium is also a place where kids have tons of fun. It is a natural history museum and is actually one of the world’s largest, with a live collection of about 300 species and exhibition collection of over 20,000 specimens. It is currently closed for renovation. Landscaped by Frederick Law Olmsted, Mount Royal Park is one of the most popular public parks in Montreal. The park offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun and sports activities, including winter activities such as kick sledding, country skiing, and snow tubing. Summer activities include bird watching, biking, picnicking, and boat paddling.

Festivals and Events

A number of festivals and events are organized in the city each year, among which the Mural Festival, Montreal Folk Festival on the Channel, and Montreal Chamber Music Festival. The Montreal Folk Festival on the Channel is held in June and features bluegrass, traditional, roots, and folk music. There is an artisan allay, family area, and VIP area. Visitors are offered delicious food and diverse options such as sandwiches, hot dogs, smoothies, crepes, stews, and healthy snacks. The Montreal Chamber Music Festival is also held in June since 1995 and has featured more than 1,000 Canadian and international artists. The program includes masterpieces by famous composers, including Grosse Fugue by Beethoven, Concerto for Four Violins by Vivaldi, and Serenade for Strings by Tchaikovsky. Тhe Mural Festival features exhibitions, music, live art, and artist talks, showcasing artists such as Joshua Vides, Germ Dee, Leon Keer, and many others. Other festivals held in Montreal include Haiti on Fire, the Fantasia International Film Festival, and Just for Laughs Festival. Visitors and residents alike are also offered a host of events such as food and drink, music, health and wellness, and visual arts and performing events. Visitors also enjoy busy nightlife, a myriad of shopping venues, international cuisine, Christmas markets, and plenty more.

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Event centres in Montreal

Different centres in Montreal hold special events such as retreats, conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, and even parties. Some good venues for hosting an event are the Crowley Arts Centre, Centre Mont-Royal, and Breather Montreal Venues.

Crowley Arts Centre

Found on Avenue Crowley, this centre is a good venue for pop-up shops, cooking and baking classes, theatre performances, concerts, and other events. The arts centre is also used to host art shows, dance and yoga classes, music rehearsals and recordings, video and film shoots, and photography events. With a capacity of 450, this multi-functional venue has been used to host festivals, fashion shows, and other events such as Battle of the Bands, Replay! The Beatles and the Emergenza Festival. The centre offers multiple amenities such as white background, photo lighting, scenery backdrops, headphone system, and editing suite.

Centre Mont-Royal

This centre is found on Rue Mansfield and has 17 meeting rooms and a capacity of 840. It can be used to host an array of different events such as youth camps and retreats, wedding receptions and ceremonies, and retreats, conferences, and trainings. The centre is also a good place for competitions and expos, corporate and adult social events, and family reunions. Event organizers benefit from a number of amenities such as simultaneous live webcasts, videoconference facilities, and multimedia and audiovisual services. The centre is located close to the Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and can be accessed by train, metro, bus, and car.

Breather Montreal Venues

Breather offers office spaces and workspaces in different cities across Canada and the US, including Los Angeles, New York City, Ottawa, and Montreal. Workspaces can be used to host an array of events such as trainings, courses, creative meetings, classes, presentations, and workshops. The venue offers coaching rooms, collaborative spaces, and conference and meeting rooms. There are plenty of benefits for participants, among which lounge seating, breakout rooms, mobile chargers, and whiteboards. The venue’s workspaces are used by brands such as Upwork, Spotify, Uber, Facebook, and Google.

Nuage B

This relatively small event centre offers conference rooms and offices that can be used for receptionist services or office space. Nuage B features virtual and private offices, conference rooms, and collaborative spaces. The conference rooms can be used to organize different events, including meetings, seminars, and corporate events. They are also used to meet with teams, customers, and prospects. Collaborative spaces are also available to professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

La Salon Richmond

Another party and event venue found on Rue Richmond, La Salon Richmond hosts a diverse array of events, including power hours, cocktails, birthday showers, and weddings. The venue hosts events for residents, community organizations, cultural groups, universities, and businesses. Its event hall is a good place for community, business, and private events. Among its sponsors and partners are Service Affairs, McGill University, Digital Days, and Richter.

Gelber Conference Centre

Situated on Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, the Gelber Conference Centre is ideal for events, banquets, and corporate meetings. The centre offers boardrooms, conference rooms, and a full-service kitchen. It is equipped with amenities such as an audio system, screens, projectors, and other multimedia and screen capabilities. With a capacity of up to 1000 guests, the centre hosts general meetings, family parties, retreats, corporate events, and breakfast meetings.